Lnguage :

Dominance understands that a continued investment in ongoing education and training, for both new and established guards, helps support our staff and our operations.

We offer ongoing training to our guards and believe in the importance of educating staff throughout the employment life cycle. We endeavour to foster an environment that promotes continuous improvement to develop one’s career and to ensure our security practices are at the forefront of industry standards.

Staff at Dominance can expect to undertake ongoing Defensive Tactic and Restraint training, and be invited to attend leadership programs such as our Green Machine future leaders’ course.

Customer Service is paramount for Dominance staff and is incorporated into our company and site inductions as well as minimum industry or site requirements inclusive of RSA refreshers, First Aid, Construction Induction (White Card), Rail Track Awareness and Responsible Service of Gaming.

Dominance staff are held to the highest of standards in the security industry and the field of security technology. We strive to maintain these high standards by encouraging and sponsoring staff to update their skills portfolio and security qualifications. We strongly believe ongoing training and industry qualifications are integral to the success and provision of the quality of the officers we supply to our clients.

We conduct regular training sessions for all staff, ensuring industry standards are maintained, and stay abreast of specific legislative, and security requirements. Our training covers many topics including, Covert LPO Training, Advanced First Aid, OH&S, Management, Customer Relations, Cultural Sensitivity and Diversity, Fire Warden, Active Armed Offender, Restraints, Tactical Methods, Leadership Training, Fundamentals of Security, Personal Development, and Risk Assessment.

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