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An image of our trained staff that specialises in personal protection in Melbourne

Hire Personal Protection in Melbourne

For 20 years, Dominance Guardian Services has been providing personal security services with specially trained Close Protection Officers, VIP Escorts and Security Guards in Melbourne to ensure the safety, security and peace of mind of celebrities, VIP’s, high profile personalities and business people alike all across Victoria.

Whether our clients are attending public events or private meetings, our Melbourne bodyguards blend into the background so as not to disrupt the client’s regular lifestyle, whilst continuing to maintain the highest level of security at all times.

Our highly trained consultants and CPP Officers assess the risks attached to each client and their family, property and other assets, and prepare a protection plan that aims to eliminate threats, minimise exposure to harm and provide a safe environment

Our CPP Officers and Mobile Patrol are professionally trained to conduct ongoing and continuous situational threat and risk assessments throughout an operation and can be provided on an individual basis, as part of a team, or integrated into a larger scale security plan. This is why we provide the bodyguard services Melbourne clients have come to trust.

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