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Hire Security Guards in Melbourne

The scope of work undertaken by a security guard is so varied in today’s security services industry it is difficult to limit their scope of work into one body of writing.

From static guards providing Asset Protection on Melbourne building sites through to guards controlling Facility Access, conducting Background Checks on staff and coordinating Evacuation and Fire Safety Drills, our security guards can wear a dozen different hats on a daily basis.

Across Victoria we have experienced Static Guards, Guardhouse, Concierge & Reception, Education & University guards, Traffic Management, Mobile Foot patrol and Event Management guards to name just a few. What separates us from other security companies is the professional knowledge and experience of our highly trained officers.

We train our Melbourne security guards to be able to think on their feet to be able to provide rational and quick responses, to be prepared and use honesty as the best policy. We look to identify individuals with team player and leadership qualities to manage our staff and promote a value and respect for safety of themselves and of others.

Key to all guarding roles is the ability to communicate and all our guards possess excellent communication skills. Good communication is the key to solving problems, prevention and avoiding conflict and ensuring high levels of customer service are always provided. By focusing on this we have quickly become the security services Melbourne customers have come to trust.

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