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Dominance Guardian Services is an Australian owned and operated, fully licensed security company that has been in business for 20 years.  We pride ourselves on our compliance with all relevant state and federal legislation relating to equal employment, anti-discrimination and the responsible service of alcohol, responsible service of gaming and security licensing regulations. 

Our adherence to policies and procedures, especially when there might be easier paths to follow, sees Dominance stand out within the industry as a trustworthy and professional security organisation.  You can rely on Dominance to support your organisation with the knowledge all rules and regulations are being followed ensuring your company is legally compliant with security requirements. 

Trust is important in our industry and something we strive to obtain with all customers through open communication and the sharing of knowledge.  Our staff are put through a range of background checks confirming current qualifications and licenses are held, that they possess the required experience to fulfil the role and all background references are checked prior to commencement of employment. 

Background checks include; 

  • National Police checks 
  • Past Employer reference checks 
  • Responsible Service of Alcohol currency 
  • Gaming Industry Employee Licence 
  • Valid Security licenses 
  • Industry Memberships authentications 

All Dominance staff are qualified in line with minimum industry standards having completed Certificate II in Security Operations (Guarding and Crowd Control) and are licensed by the Licensing & Regulation Division of Victoria Police which maintains the security industry licensing, permits, registration and regulation as stated in the Private Security Act 2004. 

Given the broad and diverse nature of our operations we incorporate venue specific training in conjunction with management, senior guards and staff to deal with any specific points of interest. 

In-house training and development, as well as mentoring programs, allow for sustained improvement of all staff and assist talented and enthusiastic guards to realise their full potential as quickly as possible. Our in-house covert loss prevention and leadership training development programs assist with internal promotion and create smoother transitioning between general and supervisor duties. 

By investing in our team, we maintain quality and proficiency whilst encouraging a positive attitude and increasing company morale.  A positive and proactive team will in turn create a better customer service experience for our clients and their customers.  

Crowd Controllers are usually deployed to maintain a safe and controlled environment. Whilst the role of the Crowd Controller is generally well known, the manner in which a Crowd Controller achieves their goals varies between individuals and companies alike. 

Whilst physical confrontation and conflict is common within the respective role, at Dominance we believe in the old saying ‘prevention is better than cure.’   

We train our staff to look for and act upon early warning signs of unsociable behaviour or intoxication to deal with potential issues before they escalate or become uncontrollable. Effective communication and negotiation techniques allow for the discrete management and minimisation of risks.  Promoting positive behaviour and attitude as a result ensures a smoother and happier occasion for both staff and patrons alike 

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