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Dominance aims to be the premiere Security Technology provider Australia wide, and our management team attends several security conventions with a technology focus, including GSX and ISC west each year in the USA.

Our expansion into security technology is being managed by Michal Urbanski who provides a wealth of experience in installing, maintaining, and designing security systems for a variety of industries such as education, industrial, entertainment and housing.

We provide tech security options for both the commercial and residential markets. This includes CCTV surveillance systems, alarm systems, access management systems, temporary site security solutions like guardian towers, and smart home setups. We offer packages that suit each client’s needs, and our qualified tech consultants are always on hand to offer training, advice, and assistance with the installation of technology systems.

At Dominance, we can provide security personnel to suit any situation. Our highly trained pool of security professionals are leaders in their field. From gatehouse to concierge, residential to corporate, retail to stadium events, Dominance offers security personnel for any situation, as well as electronic security system’s suitable for both commercial and domestic use.

We offer a risk assessment at each client’s site to identify the specific needs regarding both security manpower, security equipment, and general areas of risk. Our dedicated team of technicians will assess your site, recommend a specific security system composed of state-of-the-art technology, and design and integrate the system for you.

We specialise in providing leading-edge security systems including video surveillance, installation of CCTV, facial recognition, thermal imaging software, alarm systems, security intercoms, and access control. Clients can be assured their security systems will operate correctly, as our technicians regularly conduct routine maintenance and checks on all equipment.

Dominance stands by its products and services and uses only the top of the range security equipment that offers ongoing support and comes with warranties. We keep up to date with the latest in security technology solutions, including access control, intruder alarm systems, facial recognition, and thermal imaging software to ensure your business always remains safe and secure. Additionally, Dominance offers a technology maintenance service to ensure client’s sites are always protected.

Access control

The installation of such systems allows the free flow of authorised personnel on the premises while denying entry to unwanted visitors. With walk-in thieves and trespassers shut out, you drastically reduce your exposure to crime while increasing the security of your employees, visitors, information, and assets. Our access control procedures include:

  • Control of who and when someone is entering your premises.
  • Protecting employees, assets, and information.
  • Securing an area or sector.
  • Observing movement.
  • Integration with other security systems.

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

Our range of access control systems can be seamlessly linked to other systems in our portfolio. These include Fire Detection Systems, Intruder Alarms, CCTV, and Building Management. A common request involves the need for a CCTV camera to pan around and focus on a door that has been highlighted as a security risk by the access control system.

Commercial security system needs are not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ process and will need to be designed to suit your specific business requirements. With so many electronic security systems on the market, finding the right alarm or CCTV system for your business can take time. Our staff are fully trained, licensed, and experienced in system design, installation, and programming to meet the various needs of our clients, and we are always updating our knowledge to ensure we have a full operational understanding of the latest technology.

Our commercial security systems can be monitored by a Grade A control room, providing a 24 X 7 response with highly trained, licensed, and experienced operators who can manage your alarm system or CCTV cameras. Most CCTV systems can now also be viewed on your mobile phone, and other electronic devices allowing you to check on the premises remotely. This type of system is of great benefit, especially if your alarm activates, allowing you to see whether it is a genuine alarm or not.

Intelligent CCTV systems can now be used in many scenarios to help a business perform better and not just to provide security. For example, retail premises can have CCTV systems that monitor checkouts and alert staff to open a new checkout if there are too many customers waiting. CCTV systems can also be used to assess foot traffic, and provide a breakdown of the time of the day, gender, and time spent at certain displays. These systems can be integrated into other business software such as POS devices, staff tracking, and access control systems.

Such systems can also assist in many other areas and industries including indoor and outdoor venues, homes, hospitals. For indoor and outdoor venues including sporting and event stadiums, the use of cameras can be used for controlling crowds, managing high traffic areas to ensure authorised patrons and personnel can enter and exit the premises safely, player and terrorism protection, and remote viewing.

For homes including people who live in apartments or gated communities, cameras can help identify intruders, mitigate the risk of potential offenders, provide remote viewing so homeowners and tenants can see who is on the premises, and when. For hospitals and aged-care facilities, the system can send an alert if a patient falls and is injured or leaves their room, allowing staff to respond to the situation promptly.

Facial recognition

Facial recognition offers a way to recognise a human face through the use of technology. This type of system uses biometrics to map features using a photograph or video and compares that information with a database of known faces to locate a match. This type of software is great for entertainment venues and stadiums as it allows you to recognise patterns and abnormalities in crowd behaviour, which will give you an understanding of how to improve certain procedures such as creating more effective crowd control protocols and loss prevention tactics.

Thermal imaging software

As a result of the latest impacts of COVID-19, events in the future will require more than just traditional security screening. That’s where bio-security screening can assist to support event organisers and venue operators to detect unusual or elevated temperatures of patrons and authorised personnel. Thermal Imaging Cameras and Thermal Imaging Walk-though units are just some of the most effective ways to ensure all attendees can enter the premises safely and securely while minimising the spread of the virus.

These are just a few ways intelligent systems can benefit a business in addition to the standard security measures.

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