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Hire Door Staff in Melbourne

When you have a licensed venue, one of the biggest areas of concern relating to your licence and business is your venue entry points. The entry points, and the clientele entering the venue, allow the venue to control its atmosphere which contributes to the lasting impression patrons hold for the venue. 

The right door policy will see the venue comply with legislation that comes with owning and running a licensed venue and give peace of mind that difficult patrons will be kept away. For the people inside, they can enjoy themselves, have fun and relaxing in a safe environment whilst enjoying the hospitality of the establishment. 

At Dominance, we prioritise experienced and customer focused guards for the front door. The front door guards (and all venue security) are an extension of the venue hospitality and need to visually and verbally promote the establishment as a welcoming and safe venue, that is serviced by customer friendly, helpful and compassionate staff.  

Experienced door staff are easily able to recognise tactics used by people to enter venues when they should be refused entry due to intoxication, existing venue bans or being under age.  They are also experienced in understanding which patrons are there to enjoy venue hospitality and perhaps those there for other reasons.   

Our priority to promote a safe and welcoming environment will help your business succeed.

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