Lnguage :

Dominance understands the value of recruiting quality team members to ensure we can meet the needs of our clients; our business is only as good as our relationship with our clients. To ensure we provide quality security officers and meet the expectations of our clients, we apply the following principals in selection of our staff:

  • Ability to deal with the unique pressures of the security industry
  • Is seeking a career within the security industry
  • Literate and have the ability to write detailed and concise client reports
  • Strong family values
  • Strives to achieve Customer Service excellence

To identify these principles, we have developed a screening process considering the following:

  • Psychological appraisals
  • Aptitude tests covering reading, writing and computer usage
  • Reference checks
  • Multiple interviews and/or multiple interviewers to assess consistency in message, presentation and the ability to think under pressure.
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